St Xavier Find Your Purpose Club Testimonies

Bob Bracken hosted a bi-weeky club at St. Xavier High School where he helped young men find their purpose and help the be more creative. He did this with graduate Kevin Rockwood. Below is a survey sent to the boys with their answers on how the club helped them and what they wished to see.





Hello St X Purpose & Creativity Club.  Thanks for your participation & feedback of this first years Find Your Purpose/Creativity Club.  

The number one feedback was “to bring KevinR, Ben/Anna Bracken as podcast guest speakers along with other StX Grad on Grad alumni.” The Best feedback was to have the school make announcements the day before & morning of the club to get more involvement, increase participation, and create a newsletter.  

We hope to get all the club members to recruit more students at next years Fall Club but we can start collecting emails of interested students now.  100% of the club members will be coming back next year and nearly half of the club participants were interested in helping lead the club in some capacity.

1- Club members share in their own words what they think is the goal of the club:

“Share the word & inner thought process towards living a good faith filled life”. “Helps find our path in life that best benefits our lives and the lives of others through our own creative way.  “Also to grow in relationship through God by finding our purpose”.

“To help support young men in their journey towards finding their purpose & direct their goals towards their purpose”.  “Help others live as Jesus did and spread his Word. To find our purpose through God, meet friends, and learn more about God”.

“Find our Purpose in life through building our relationship with God.  “It’s also good bonding time with our friends & learning more about each other”.  “Helps younger impressionable students find how they fit in life and how they can better live their life for God & be the best they can be”.

2- Club members share 3 things they’d like to see this club accomplish next year:

“Gain a bigger following, get a bigger Pastor or announcement about the club before each meeting”  “People find what they want to do in the world that benefits others.  ” Grow in our relationship with God through finding our best character traits”.

“Wish the club would gain more members as it is very important to spread the Word of God & how it relates to our lives”

“Reach out to other members to get them involved”  “Dive into more depth on how to live on the right side of the tree”.

“Actively share how each member is finding their purpose and help others finding their purpose”.

“More Kevin, more Ben, and more special guests” “Would like to see more people come in & talk about their experiences with finding their purpose. “More meetings would be nice, like 2x a month.  “Larger following of people and more Ben Bracken”.

You’ve all been a blessing & the hope is you’ll be one to others!  Best Regards,

Bob – Involve Mentoring, Evolve Thinking, Resolve Relations