Bob Brackens Testimony

As a newborn I was sprinkled-baptized with my cousin Paul.  Salt was put on my lips knocking me out for the day as my cousin cried profusely.   A month later a cat circled my crib trying to suck the life out of me, giving me 3 spots of pneumonia (Haemophilus Influenzae) on my lungs one blip away from death. By God’s Grace, a nearby Chicago doctor’s convention caught wind of my imminent death and two doctors asked my ‘mom’ permission to try a new miracle drug that would cure me and would rot my first set of teeth,which it did. Two years later my younger brother, Joseph, died a few days after birth. Lucky for me my GodMother Aunt Leah is very spiritual and always had me in her prayers likely making the difference in my survival.

In my childhood I dreamt of flying in the sky looking for ways to teach/help others to fly and learned to only work with the ones who’d look up.  I seemed to remember they were the ones that seemed most interested in learning, where the others surprised me that not all cared or wanted to fly.  But once they learned how to fly, they were happy they did.  I never shared this with my siblings, I guess I feared my brothers would try to kill me or sell me into slavery LOL (ie: Josephs’ dream landed him in the pit.) I equate this dream to my mission to minister/teach/spread God’s Word to others, whether looking up (or down), to any in need.

I felt a prompting in my late 20’s to volunteer for Big BrothersBS which led me to meet & marry my wife.  Our 1st meeting, the ‘Holy Spirit’ said I’d marry her and I did a year later.  We prayed for a child & got preemie twins (8 weeks early, 3.5ibs)  At 21 weeks Jane went on complete elevated bedrest.  This was the second time I fell to my knees praying to God that if he’d keep them healthy I’d devote, dedicate, & focus our lives to God and our community, but either way, I’d be the best dad possible. Firstborn Anna came out with a conehead, & Ben had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, not breathing or crying, lifeless & blue, but brought back to life by the skilled surgeons. Now healthy 2020 HS senior grads & now at Miami college!

**2010 (Saul-soul to Paul-spirit) I was invited to a men’s bible study which I participate still today & watched TBN often. Up to this point, I suffered allergies, arthritis, and constant knee pain but the more I read the bible, the more I noticed I broke away from all sickness.

In 2016 we began to fully tythe which led to hopes of forming a 2020-2021 non-profit, The Purposed Family.  My hopes are to use my 30yrs business sales/marketing to connect, partner, and expand Young Life bible studies to adults, and build Alive Churches throughout the community.

 Our family‘s faith found favor with God when a hedge of protection kept my youngest son Casey safe in 2020.  He tried to start a fire but the tip of the can was stayed lit but never igniting the gas can, luckily did not blow himself up.   I believe Casey was saved with bigger plans in mind.  Most recent this past 2020 year after getting re-baptized with my older brother where I heard God’s voice later one evening utter my name – “Bob’’.

Bob Bracken